May 26, 2019

Employer & Employee Information and Training

We understand Employee Benefits can be complex and overwhelming to both employers and employees.  We partner with our clients to provide them with current information and insight to keep them
competitive.  We show employees how to interface with the various systems to get the best result for themselves and their families. 

For employers, following are some of the areas that we can provide you with tools and resources:  

  • ACA Compliance & Reporting
  • Legislative Updates
  • ERISA Guidance
  • Alternative Funding Strategies
  • HR Policies, procedures and handbooks


For employees, we develop and provide numerous employee educational tools to reduce the burden on your HR staff.   We can provide online access for information, employee communication pieces and sample forms.  Other tools and resources for employees can include:

  • Open Enrollment Education
    • Open Enrollment Meetings
    • Open Enrollment/New Hire Guides

  • Employee Benefits Education

  • Health & Wellness Initiatives
    • Employee Days
    • Condition/Disease Management
    • Biometric Screening Access
    • Wellness Committees
    • Wellness Materials