May 26, 2019

ACA & Compliance Guidance


We help you deal with today’s regulatory environment, which places a substantial and increasing compliance burden on employers.  We have the right tools and partnerships in place to assist our clients in staying current on legislative reporting and compliance changes.  Often employers are unaware of the numerous obligations they are responsible for under ERISA and ACA.  If the Department of Labor audited your organization; would you be prepared?  Our knowledgeable team is here to help you simplify the ongoing challenges of your Employee Benefits and Human Resources processes.  Below are some of the areas where we provide guidance, resources and information:

    • Summary Plan Documents
    • Section 125 Plan Documents
    • Audit Checklists
    • Partnerships with HR & ERISA Attorneys

  • ACA
    • Reporting
    • Plan Compliance
    • Educations
    • Group Size Responsibility Checklists